07 Nov

Durban in South Africa awarded next IKF World Korfball Championship

durban world korfball championship 2019

The IKF Council voted on 6 November 2015 for the country and city of the 11th IKF World Korfball Championship. The two bidders New Zealand and South Africa made their presentations to the IKF Council and other korfball delegates in the room. The session was open to all delegates.

IKF president, Mr Jan Fransoo, opened the envelope with the vote result Saturday 7 November 2015 immediately following the IKF General Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. All over 70 delegated present in the IKF General Meeting took the message and within one minute after the announcement the first messages were on social media as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The president of the South African Korfball Federation, Mr Les Williams (left on the photo), reacted very positive on the announcement; “South Africa and South African korfball are ready to prepare an excellent event in four years time.”

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