01 Dec

IKF World Korfball Championship 2019

IKF World Korfball Championship Durban 2019

The IKF Council voted on 6 November 2015 in favor for the bid of South Africa to be the host country of the IKF WKC 2019.

The 11th IKF World Korfball Championship will take place in South Africa in the city of Durban. The match days are 1 till 10 August  2019. The team managers meeting will take place 31 July.

For the first time in the IKF World Korfball Championship history 20 national teams will be in competition.. Qualified countries (in chronological order):*

1. Suriname

2. Dominican Republic

3. South Africa 4. Zimbabwe

5. Chinese Taipei

6. China

7. Australia

8. Hong Kong China

9. Japan

10. New Zealand

11. The Netherlands

12. Germany13. Portugal

14. Belgium

15. Czech Republic

16. Catalonia

17. England

18. Hungary

19. Poland

20. Ireland

*The official confirmation of the 20 participating countries in South Africa will be known in the beginning of February 2019.

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